blue ridge

Entry, Living Room and Dining  Room Remodel

Interior Design: Space Plan, Detailing, Specifications

Smart New Space

Making the spaces feel larger with small structural changes was the theme on this project. The Entry was improved functionally and visually with new built-ins while still maintaining a separation from the Living Room. The custom unit added storage and landing areas on both the Entry and the Living Room sides. The Living Room got a further improvement with the new fireplace and the media unit, a new furniture layout and an open connection to the Kitchen with the new storage bench. The Dining Room now also acts as an Office. It includes custom desk tops that can be closed off to hide away any messes. Natural light washes down the wall through the new skylights over the desks. The Hallway leading to the Bedroom also gets filled with light through the new skylights. 

Category Private Houses
Location San Jose, CA, USA


Builder Valley Home Builders
Photographer Ray Tam