trestle glen

Complete House Remodel

Interior Design: Space Plan, Detailing, Specifications

Touched by Art Deco

Located up on a hill in the quiet City of Piedmont, this 1939 home had so many great attributes to work with: original windows, the front and backyards, exterior finishes, and how daylight entered the home. However, the 1996 addition had altered the interiors with an inefficient layout and outdated materials. In order to bring this home back to life, we reconfigured the Kitchen, Master Bathroom, Hall Bedroom and the Hallway. We also updated the fireplaces in the Family Room, Living Room and Master Bedroom, and specified all new fixtures and finishes throughout. We added built-ins in the Dining Room, and worked with a local artist to install a custom stained glass at the existing hallway skylight. We lined the walls of the Powder Room with wallpaper inspired by an Irish woman from the 1850s who transformed her love of insects into a full-blown, self-thought microscopy. We sprinkled black throughout the home to add that art deco touch, while balancing it with lighter colors and simple geometric patterns. The changes resulted in an updated version of this original home with sophisticated elements and modern amenities. 

CATEGORY Private Houses
LOcation Piedmont, CA, USA


Glass Artist Theodore Ellison Designs
Wallpaper Ms. Ward from Grow House Grow
Builder Greg Livy
Photographer Christopher Strak