New Accessory Dwelling Unit 

Interior Design: Space Plan, Detailing, Specifications

Planning for the Future

The dark first floor & garage of this two story home was used as a make-shift guest room/ storage room/ dark room and photo archive for many years.  As the clients were approaching the next milestone in their lives, they were interested in a shift towards downsizing and a more flexible living arrangement. They wanted to be able to live in a smaller space, travel and rent out the main home.  A small apartment was created while still maintaining the garage and a dark room with storage. A connection to the backyard and access to the street was created, a new kitchen and bathroom was added along with a walk-in closet in this new studio apartment. The existing concrete floors were retained but repaired, the finishes were kept to a minimum, and accents were added to celebrate this small but open and airy new space. 

category Private Houses
Location San Francisco, CA, USA


Builder Phase2Builders
Photographer Christopher Stark