Kitchen, Dining Room, Master Bedroom & Bathroom Addition and Remodel 

Exterior and Interior Design: Space Plan, Detailing, Specifications

Lighten and Open Up

The home's 1948 kitchen was still intact with the original cabinets, countertops, floors, plumbing fixtures and even some of the appliances. The Kitchen, Dining Room and Mudroom spaces were chopped up, the Master Bedroom was small and the home only had one Bathroom. The wasted spaces, such as the Mudroom and the Hallways were eliminated to allow for a new Master Bathroom, a larger Master Bedroom with a vestibule, and a new Kitchen with an open Dining Nook. More space was added by pushing out the back of the home while retaining most of the landscape. When the spaces opened up, it allowed more light to come through to all the rooms via the new windows, doors and skylights. The light and clean finishes help distribute the light and modernize the home. 

CATEGORY Private Houses
Location San Mateo, CA, USA


Builder Tracery Builders
Photographer Christopher Stark